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"Is Fiduciary Duty a False Hope”, article by Dato' Yusli Mohamed Yusoff, President of MICG, In The Edge, June 25, 2018
“Run & Manage Business In Orderly Fashion”, article by Shahab Din, General Manager of MICG, In Business Times, July 23, 2015
“Integrity, Transparency, Reputation And Accountability”, article by Shahab Din, General Manager of MICG, in Business Times, July 9, 2015
“Obedience Is Not Always A Virtue”, article by David Berry, Deputy President of MICG, in Business Times, June 25, 2015
Welcome Note For the Annual Asean Corporate Governance Summit 2014
Bursa Wings Clipped, Cannot Issue Restitution Order, Court Rules
Red Flags On The Horizon
India’s Central Bank Chief Warns of Global Market Crash
Honest Hotel Staff Returns RM100,000 to Owner
Amendments to Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd Main Market Listing Requirements in Relation to A Transfer of Listing by A Listed Corporation from the Ace Market to the Main Market (Industry Associations)
Amendments to the Main Market Listing Requirements (Appendix 1)
Mind Jewels 4: Leadership Begin On The Extra Mile
Mind Jewels 3: Culture Is King
Mind Jewels 2: Drink Coffee with Gandhi
Mind Jewels 1: Listen Twice as Much as You Speak
Anti-graft efforts not enough, need for radical reforms, says Pemandu
Association with Local Authorities/Bodies
Bribe Payers Survey, 2012
Corruption Perception Index – Malaysia’s Score, 2001-2012
Corruption Perception Index 2013
Corruption Perception Index 2012 – Malaysia Improved To 54th Position
Malaysia Is 4th Best In Corporate Governance In Asia 2012
Investing in Good Governance
Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012
Accountability, cost-effectiveness and co-operation will improve services

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