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Albert Saychuan Cheok


Albert Saychuan Cheok graduated from the University of Adelaide with First Class Honours in Economics and was awarded a PhD scholarship to study at Cambridge University. He is a Fellow of the Certified Public Accountants Australia. He has more than 40 years of high-level experience in the banking, financial and corporate sectors in the Asia Pacific region.

Between May 1979 and February 1982 Albert Cheok was an Advisor to the Australian Government Inquiry into the Australian Financial System ("Campbell Inquiry"), which introduced comprehensive reforms to the Australian banking system.

He was the Chief Manager at the Reserve Bank of Australia from October 1988 to September 1989 before becoming the Deputy Commissioner of Banking in Hong Kong for three and half years. He was subsequently appointed as the Executive Director in charge of Banking Supervision at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority from April 1993 to May 1995. He was the Chairman of Bangkok Bank Berhad in Malaysia from September 1995 to November 2005.

Albert Cheok was the Chairman of Macau Chinese Bank from May 2002 to May 2016. He was the Chairman of Bowsprit Corporation Limited, manager of First REIT – listed hospital and healthcare group in Singapore from 17 May 2006 to 17 May 2017. He was the Chairman of Auric Pacific Group, the Singapore listed food conglomerate from July 2002 to April 2017. Mr Cheok was the Chairman of LMIRT Management Limited, the manager of Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust listed in Singapore from July 2010 to September 2017. He was an independent non-executive director of Adavale Resources Limited, which is listed on Australian Securities Exchange. He was an independent non-executive director of Hongkong Chinese Limited listed in HK from June 2002 till December 2017.

Currently, Albert Cheok holds numerous positions on boards throughout Asia/Australia including:

  • International Standards Resources Holdings Limited (listed entity Hong Kong) – independent non-executive Chairman
  • China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (listed entity Hong Kong) – independent non- executive Director
  • Amplefield Limited (listed entity Singapore) – independent non-executive Chairman
  • 5G Networks Limited (listed entity Australia) – independent non-executive Chairman
  • Supermax Corporation Berhad (listed entity Malaysia) - independent non-executive Chairman

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